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WD-40 Company is a global marketing organization dedicated to creating positive lasting memories, by developing and selling products that solve problems in workshops, factories and homes around the world. But, we’re so much more than the blue and yellow can with the little red top. We have a long history of delivering superior stockholder returns and solid earnings growth. We want our stockholders to be proud to say they own WD-40 Company stock, and we want to consistently create positive lasting memories for them.

We invite you to explore our investor relations website to learn more about how WD-40 Company fulfills all those requirements, and then some.

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Why invest in WD-40 Company?

In the last ten years we’ve been able to double the sales of our maintenance products and we believe we have the opportunity to do that again over the next ten years. In our last fiscal year we steadily increased our sales while achieving the highest gross margin we’d seen in a decade and producing an industry-leading return on invested capital.

Easy-to-understand business model

Sustainable competitive advantage

Growth opportunities

Proven management team

Superior returns on invested capital

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Wendy Kelley Director, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications Phone: +1-619-275-9304 Phone: +1-619-275-9304

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