Building a Business for the Future

WD-40 Company has long been committed to purpose-driven growth. The term sustainability is increasingly perceived as a climate-related matter. We see it as more. We define sustainability as the ability of a business to exist for a long period of time, perhaps indefinitely. A sustainable enterprise should ensure a balance between economic growth, environmental care, and social well-being. We believe that taking an integrated approach to environmental, social, and governance issues enhances the long-term sustainability and resilience of our business and protects the long-term interests of our stakeholders.

As a WD-40 Company tribe member for over 30 years, I have experienced many changes in our organization. One thing that has held constant over the years is our commitment to our values, especially our number one value, which is hierarchical to the others: we do the right thing. We are fully committed as a company to do the right thing and be part of the solution to the environmental and social challenges facing humanity today.

Our heritage is a culture of experimentation, and we bring this spirit to our approach to our ESG efforts. That is why it is one of my strategic priorities to pivot our business to a more sustainable future.

Steve Brass
President, CEO & Board Member


"We Value Making It Better Than It Is Today"

We recognize our responsibility to help protect the planet and are committed to reducing the impact our Company has on the environment. Our environmental sustainability program focuses on four areas where we believe we can make the greatest impact: our handprint, product safety, circular economy, and reaching net zero. We are philosophically aligned with the vision to achieve net zero GHG emissions by 2050. We will work towards setting reduction targets as we identify methods that can make a difference.


"We Value Creating Positive Lasting Memories"

We are motivated by our common commitment to a set of core values centered around doing the right thing. That translates to employment practices and social compliance efforts that go well beyond meeting the bare minimum required by law. Ours is a company of shared values and mutual respect. Ours is an environment that’s safe, inclusive and productive because we know that an inclusive and healthy workplace is one where all employees are valued regardless of differences. In addition to our efforts to manage our business with a people-first mentality, we also give back to our communities. You can learn more about our philanthropic efforts here.


"We Value Doing The Right Thing"

Our ESG governance structure ensures that all ESG material issues are managed, tracked, and reported across the Company. Ultimate oversight of our ESG strategy and results resides with our board. More information about our board of directors, including our Governance Charter can be found here.

Future Focus

"We Value Owning It And Passionately Acting On It"

Our ESG strategy and goals for the next two years center on four interconnected areas, each with a set of specific targets and goals created to address the most material environmental and social issues in the identified area. To learn more about our ESG strategy please review our 2022 ESG Report.

Repair Challenge

We develop, market, and sell products that extend the lifespan of tools, equipment, and other items thus reducing waste, preserving valuable resources, and leaving a positive lasting handprint on the world. The Repair Challenge is the perfect opportunity for us to inspire millions of doers, makers, fixers and builders to use our products to extend the lifespan of their tools, worn down equipment, bicycles, cars, or just about anything else and keep them in circulation for longer.

ESG Reports

"We Value Succeeding As A Tribe While Excelling As Individuals"

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