Why Invest

At WD-40 Company we have a very long track record of creating value through consistent revenue growth, robust profit margins, and stockholder friendly capital allocation priorities. 

Since 1953, our iconic WD-40® Multi-Use Product has been synonymous with quality, reliability, and effectiveness. Our famous blue and yellow can with the little red top is more than just a product, it’s the can with thousands of uses and it represents an opportunity to deliver solutions for a wide variety of maintenance needs to millions of people worldwide.

While we are proud of our past financial performance and leading brand position, it is our Four-by-Four Strategic Framework that will position us for future success and help us achieve our long-term revenue and profitability objectives.

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Four-by-Four Strategic Framework

Strategic Update Webcast

WD-40 Company's President and CEO, Steve Brass and Vice President and CFO, Sara Hyzer discuss the company’s current business, its vision for the future, and the strategy to achieve it.

You’ll learn how our iconic brand, rooted in a legacy of innovation, is adapting to capitalize on emerging technologies. With a focus on maintaining our values-driven culture, management explains the company’s Four-by-Four Strategic Framework, and how it’s targeting growth in key areas. They conclude the discussion by sharing the company’s business model, financial health, and its commitment to returning capital to stockholders.

Key topics include:

  • Growth Aspirations
  • Four-by-Four Strategy
  • Financial Performance

Corporate Overview

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